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 Dust devil incident on take-off

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Peter L

Peter L

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Dust devil incident on take-off Empty
InläggRubrik: Dust devil incident on take-off   Dust devil incident on take-off Emptyfre sep 10, 2010 11:33 am

Sånt slipper man i alla fall under det närmaste halvåret på Tosseberg...

This can definitely happen to you on the Butte and where you set up or wait to launch is very important.

Aaron Swepston writes:

The first one to get whacked down is a woman, in the foreground, the second, I think nearly simultaneously on the far wing, got pimp slapped upside the back of the head and landed on his nose, making it swell and bleed, and the third guy who was making a run for it in the end on the far side got the bum's rush slap on the back which sent him flying to the ground. He got the worse injuries, a broken clavicle and nine broken ribs, and a collapsed lung. The woman who was closest did get back up, and she was fine. The second guy hopped up pretty fast and ran over to the bum's rush guy and stood with him calling for help. He didn¹t feel like he could help because his nose was bleeding a lot and his head hurt. The guy that was in the mix the most was the pilot/owner, who got flipped up over the basetube when the glider upended and twisted the first time, then got bronco'd around with it until it jumped the road, hopped back on and rode it again as it spun him around, and then got flung off and he dove back onto it the third time as the dusty wandered off.

I think that's pretty close to what happened, aside from a few details perhaps.
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Dust devil incident on take-off
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